Forensic Accountant

Irina Anissimova, CPA, CFF

I am a licensed forensic accountant accepted as expert witness in California superior court, specializing in support for family law litigation and in business valuation.


My broad experience and technical knowledge in accounting and economics combined with comprehensive analytical and problem solving skills will help you navigate through financial issues of divorce. 

I will provide you with both an unbiased opinion and an understandable explanation.

CPA, CFF, ABV, member of CalCPA & AICPA


  • Efficient management of document requests, production, accumulation and retrieval
  • Evaluation, analysis and combination of data from various types of diverse financial, economic, statistical and legal sources
  • Working with incomplete and/or erroneous bookkeeping records including reconstruction of transactions when needed.
  • Development of assumptions where data is incomplete
  • Preparation of clear and succinct reports conveying complex financial and accounting information for use in trials, hearings and settlement negotiations
  • Management of clients’ expectations and concerns related to the process of forensic accounting and its results
  • Ability to explain in simple terms various accounting issues related to marital dissolutions.
  • Ability to efficiently conduct interviews to gain understanding of various divorce related issues or business practices and acquire necessary information


Accredited in Business Valuation (AICPA) since 2009

Certified in Financial Forensics (AICPA) since 2009

CPA license (#89956) since 2004

Certificate in Financial Analysis at St. Petersburg University of Finance and Economy, Russia

Diploma from St. Petersburg Engineering and Economic Academy, Interdepartmental Institute for Management Advanced Education, Russia (evaluated in US as incomplete MBA)

Diploma from St. Petersburg State University, Russia (evaluated in US as BA in Spanish and French)