Forensic Accountant

Irina Anissimova, CPA, CFF

My Services: 

Analysis of Income Available for support

from all sources, including business and rental income, investments and equity compensation. Indirect Assessment of income. How it is done:

Calculation of Support Amounts

under various circumstances and assumptions, including imputation of income, calculation of support arrears and offsets for payment of expenses. How it is done:

Assessment of Marital Standard of Living

using tax returns data and/or income and expense records. How it is done:

Division of Community Property

including apportionment of restricted stock and stock options. How it is done:

Tracing of Separate Property

using either transactional analysis or indirect methods, including Moore-Marsden analysis of investments in real estate. How it is done:

Post Separation Accounting

and determination of reimbursement claims. How it is done:

Business Valuation

of small and medium size businesses including service businesses and professional practices. Analysis of  separate property investment in business. How it is done:

Analysis of opposing expert's reports

and preparation of restatements and rebuttals.

Expert Testimony in Court

and participation in settlement negotiations.