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My Services: 

Analysis of Income Available for support

from all sources, including business and rental income, investments and equity compensation. Indirect Assessment of income. How it is done:

Calculation of Support Amounts

under various circumstances and assumptions, including imputation of income, calculation of support arrears and offsets for payment of expenses. How it is done:

Assessment of Marital Standard of Living

using tax returns data and/or income and expense records. How it is done:

Division of Community Property

including apportionment of restricted stock and stock options. How it is done:

Tracing of Separate Property

using either transactional analysis or indirect methods, including Moore-Marsden analysis of investments in real estate. How it is done:

Post Separation Accounting

and determination of reimbursement claims. How it is done:

Analysis of opposing expert's reports

and preparation of restatements and rebuttals.

Business Valuation

of small and medium size businesses including service businesses and professional practices. Analysis of separate property investment in business. How it is done:

Expert Testimony in Court

and participation in settlement negotiations.

I also run a series of presentations designed to provide Family Law attorneys with basic understanding of how to approach and resolve various financial issues subject to divorce litigation. These presentations are available as lunch break lectures or as monthly discussion group meetings and provide 1 to 2 hours of MCLE credits each. Please, contact me if you want to be put on a mailing list for the Santa Clara or San Mateo county discussion groups.

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